GBAC’s Climate Roadmap to Green Banking Success

IFC’s new Green Banking Academy (GBAC) is an online banking knowledge initiative designed to help financial institutions and the private sector in Europe and Central Asia (ECA) learn about green banking and build green portfolios. Along with concern about climate change, demand for financing for climate-friendly projects is growing.

Through knowledge, training, advisory and investment services, GBAC can help you embrace the opportunities of the future green economy.

How GBAC Works

GBAC will help financial and private entities negotiate climate transformation though a multimedia approach, combined with personal outreach from IFC professionals. Through participation in GBAC, you will have access to:

  • Monthly online events featuring speakers with internationally recognized expertise in relevant aspects of climate finance;
  • Regular newsletters filled with articles on current issues, climate news, and information about opportunities such as scholarship programs;
  • An opportunity to accumulate deep climate knowledge throughout your organization;
  • Access to training through the World Bank Online Learning Campus (OLC) as well as through regional partner institutions;
  • Customized advisory and investment services to help you build capacity, develop green strategies, grow new business lines, and expand loan portfolios; and,
  • Opportunities to network with regional professionals with similar green interests.

GBAC’s Clients

Credit Agricole Ukraine sees the value of GBAC. “CAU finances more green business projects every year, which is coherent with the CA Group Climate Strategy,” said Larysa Bondarieva, Deputy CEO for Credit Agricole Ukraine. “We also see growing interest in sustainable business from our clients, for example, in reaching energy efficiency or minimizing their carbon footprint. We wish to be prepared to finance such developments.”

“To pursue our green objectives,” Bondarieva said, “the bank will have to obtain more information about the world’s best business practices in green financing and analyzing what can be adopted and implemented in Ukraine. GBAC will also help to create a like-minded community in Ukraine, focused on sustainable growth and environmentally friendly technologies.”

Taking Your Journey with GBAC

GBAC’s Climate Finance Roadmap outlines the services you will have access to through the program. As you can see in the diagram, there are many potential steps along the way. Participants will be free to select that stops on this map that are most useful to their organization. Some participants may choose to work with IFC to develop other, customized steps.

GBAC’s Roadmap to Success

In general, the Roadmap is segmented into six areas:

1. Diagnostics: You will have an opportunity to learn about the basics of climate finance and learn how to assess the green component of your existing portfolio.

2. Strategy: IFC professionals will help your organization develop and implement an individualized climate strategy, which may include issuing green bonds.

3. Building Capacity: You and your colleagues will have access to information and training to help you build expertise in key areas of climate finance.

4. Products and Tools. You will receive hands-on training using tools to help your organization implement a green strategy. This training can include using the Green Technology Calculator, using IFC’s Climate Assessment for Financial Institutions (CAFI) tool, and the development of new, specialized financial products.

5. “On-The-Job” Expertise Development: You will have access to assistance in implementing green evaluation procedures, a path to develop deep expertise in relevant areas, and help using the CAFI tool to report on your institution’s green impacts.

6. Marketing. GBAC can help your organization develop a market strategy to promote your green expertise.

Start Your Green Journey

For more information about GBAC or to schedule an assessment of your climate capabilities, please email to contact a member of our ECA GBAC team. We are looking forward to working with you. Stay green!