June 26 2024
13:00 - 14:30
(Vienna time GMT+2)

Managing Climate Risks

The IFC Green Banking Academy in Europe and Central Asia (ECA GBAC) held an online discussion Managing Climate Risks on  June 26

European regulatory framework is pressing financial institutions to integrate climate risk in decision making and support the EU’s net zero transition. Banks must therefore concentrate on managing risks in their loan portfolios while also financing sustainable initiatives. An imperative on both fronts is robust climate risk management. To enhance the capacity of financial institutions in managing climate risks, IFC has developed ClimaLAB – an online training program designed to equip FIs with the knowledge, tools, and skills to build a robust climate risk management system and draft the transition plan. To learn more on the latest advancements in the EU supervisory approach for financial institutions concerning climate risks management and climate risk stress testing and how IFC can help financial institutions meet the regulatory requirements, check our website next week for the recording of our June 26 online event.

Agenda (Vienna time GMT+2):
Opening and Introductions
Moderator: Olga Shcherbina, Program Lead, IFC Financial Institutions Group Advisory in Poland
Global Outlook on Climate Risk Management and Paris Alignment for Green Transition
Liliana Pozzo, Advisory and Upstream Manager for Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, IFC
Climate Stress Testing: New Regulatory Requirements and Ongoing Work
Raffaele Passaro, Team Leader on Climate Stress Testing, European Banking Authority (EBA)
IFC ClimaLab: Steering Financial Institutions Towards Climate Transition
Andriy Zaripov, Project Lead, Climate and Agri-Finance Advisory Services in Europe, Financial Institutions Group, IFC
Implementing Climate Risk Management Framework: Lessons Learned from Banks
Soledad Diaz-Noriega, Partner, Management Solutions
Questions and Answers
Liliana Pozzo

Liliana is the Advisory and Upstream Manager for Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean at IFC, where she leads client advisory solutions in ESG, digital banking and transformation, bank-FinTech collaboration, MSME finance, climate finance, and gender finance, to support financial entities in their digital transformation and to promote financial inclusion.

Prior to joining IFC, she was Director of MSME Consulting Services at ES Global Consulting and worked for KPMG and Mercy Corps.

Liliana has a strong record of managing impactful projects in the financial sector to enhance client business and value propositions, while addressing financial inclusion in their markets.

Raffaele Passaro

Raffaele Passaro is a seasoned professional in the realm of stress testing and risk analysis. Currently serving as Team leader for Climate Stress Test (CST) at the European Banking Authority, he brings over 15 years of experience to the table.

Prior to his role at the EBA, Mr. Passaro held positions at the European Central Bank (ECB) in the Research Department and in the Financial Stability Department.

In his current capacity, Mr. Passaro has been actively involved in the design and execution of EU-wide stress tests since 2012. His responsibilities also extend to coordinating EBA’s preparatory work for building up an EU-wide CST. Within the EBA, he is also co-chairing the EBA sub-group on CST.

Internationally engaged, Mr. Passaro represents the EBA in various global forums on climate risk stress testing and scenario analysis, collaborating with entities such as NGFS, BIS, and ESRB.

With expertise in stress testing methodologies, climate risk stress testing, and risk analysis, Mr. Passaro’s contributions have played a role in shaping discussions within the European financial sector

Andriy Zaripov

Andriy is Project Lead at the IFC Climate and Agricultural Financial Services in Europe.

He has over 15 years of experience in agri-finance, focusing on climate-smart agriculture strategies and digital agri-finance solutions across Europe and Central Asia.

With an MBA from Kyiv-Mohila Business School in Ukraine, Andriy has been at the forefront of sustainable finance development, leveraging his deep understanding of the sector to advance innovative financing models that address climate challenges.

In his commitment to driving change within the industry, Andriy has played a pivotal role in orchestrating legislative reform and building technical capacities of various stakeholders to foster the adoption of sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Soledad Diaz-Noriega

Soledad Diaz-Noriega is partner at the international consulting firm Management Solutions, in which she leads the Sustainability and Climate Change Risk Management consulting practice for all the industries and countries in which this firm operates.

Throughout her professional career, she has participated in multiple projects for the implementation of Climate and Environmental Risk measurement and management frameworks in financial institutions, including the adaptation to international regulations and standards and to best practices in this area.

In addition, Soledad has organized and participated as a speaker in multiple forums and training courses and developed multiple publications in this field.

Finally, Soledad is member of the Board of Directors of the Chair of Social Impact at ICADE (Universidad Pontificia Comillas).

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