April 03 2024
Recording of the event

Investing in Carbon Credits

The IFC Green Banking Academy in Europe and Central Asia organized and held an online discussion Investing in Carbon Credits.

Carbon markets can become a game changer in advancing climate action. Effective carbon markets can be a powerful tool to make climate projects bankable, helping provide climate finance at the scale needed, especially in developing countries where the cost of capital is high. But, to make a difference, carbon markets have to be trustworthy, transparent, and result in real climate mitigation. So, how can investors, including financial institutions, be confident about the credibility of carbon credits? Are there internationally accepted regulations and standards for carbon markets? What methodology can be used for quantifying carbon reduction and verifying carbon credits? What reporting and tracking mechanisms are available? And what is IFC doing in the carbon space, and how can it help financial institutions engage in carbon credit trading in a transparent, secure, and beneficial manner?

Please see the video from our webinar to learn more about this.

Webinar recording in English

Webinar recording in Russian (simultaneous translation)


Basak Odemis

Basak is a carbon market and climate change expert with 20 years of experience. Between 2002 and 2018, Basak worked as an energy trader, business development executive, and emissions trading manager for Total Gas & Power Limited. She set up the emissions trading desk, managed the GHG exposure of Total Group, and contributed to the company’s climate strategy.

She currently works for the IFC’s Climate Business Development Department to enhance IFC’s carbon market activities in emerging countries.

Max Klotz

Max is a carbon finance analyst with IFC’s Climate Business Department. He began his career in energy investment banking before transitioning to his current role in 2018. At IFC, he is responsible for growing IFC’s climate business through new opportunities in carbon markets.

He holds a B.S. in Economics from Penn State University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Bruce Keith

Bruce is a Senior Investment Officer with IFC’s Upstream initiative with a focus on Climate Finance and Carbon Markets. Recently he has been leading several initiatives for innovations in finance and mechanisms to leverage the international carbon markets.

He brings extensive experience as a business executive and entrepreneur across multiple industries and countries. He possesses leadership, operations and transaction execution experience in both start-up and established corporate environments. Much of his career has been in designing and executing comprehensive and proactive international business and economic development initiatives designed to promote financial sustainability with positive social and environmental impact.

Rasmus Bjerre-Edberg

Rasmus is Principal Financial Solutions and Structuring Manager at Agreena, which is one of Europe’s leading soil carbon crediting programs.

Agreena’s mission is to enable and accelerate the transition of the European agricultural sector to Regenerative Agriculture.

Rasmus and his colleagues design and implement solutions, which combine the benefits offered by banks and Agreena to further increase the pace of the transition while offering banks access to documentation of their clients’ climate efforts and access to sustainable assets. Only together can banks and Agreena bridge the initial transition finance gap experienced by farmers.

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